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Cost of Colon Hydrotherapy Machines in India

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    Cost of Colon Hydrotherapy Machines in India Cost of Colon Hydrotherapy Machines in India Cost of Colon Hydrotherapy Machines in India


    colon hydrotherapy machine


    560C is the latest model of colon hydrotherapy machine. It is open system. The machine has all functions of hydrotherapy, both for customer and operator.


    For customer, he just needs to lay on the machine bed and he can control machine start and stop. And he can see feces flushing away through screen in front of him.

    For operator, he just needs to operate machine through pressing touch screen.


    This machine is running totally automatically. After setting time on touch screen and press start, the operator no need to operate machine any more.

    Start and stop can be controlled by customer through side part buttons.

    Normally it is used in SPA center or wellness center.


    Working principle

    Firstly, water will be treated by filtering device, tap water will be mineralized and filtered in to micromolecule active water, which can add microelement into water that human body needs. After filtering, the mineral water will be heated into 37℃ with a heating device. Then the water will be infused into human’s colon with a attached hydrotherapy head. The water will attenuation and dissolve the waste in the colon. Meanwhile the water will stimulate the intestinal tract to wriggle and the waste mixture will be excreted out of body. Finally this can create ecological balance in the human body. The natural and ecological feature is a new type of treatment which consists of therapy, recovery and good health.】Cost of Colon Hydrotherapy Machines in India Cost of Colon Hydrotherapy Machines in India Cost of Colon Hydrotherapy Machines in India


    Product advantages:

    Lubricate intestines and defecate:

    with mineral and warm water, it will increase the lubrication of intestinal. This will stimulate the intestinal tract to wriggle and produce defecation reflex. Use this machine within fixed period, it will remit defecation problem. Use this machine consistently, it will totally ensure normal function of colon.

    Detoxify and beautify:

    Clean and cleanse colon, which can excrete fermentative materials and harmful materials in faeces. This can keep colon healthy. And the symptom such as dry skin, stain, darkness and acne on face disappear naturally.

    Lose weight and keep thin

    This machine is able to adjust the environment of digestive system and is able to adjust metabolic disorders to balance. On the other hand, cleanse of large intestine can avoid small intestine assimilate material forcedly, which have obviously effect on waist and abdomen part lose weight.

    Purify blood

    This machine can clean the toxin in intestinal tract and it can improve the cleanness of Peripheral blood effectively. Base on blood circulation system, it can remove the toxin in blood gradually. So the treatment have positive effect on reduction of blood pressure, blood fat, blood acid, blood glucose.

    Boost immunity

    eliminate the toxin in human body and lower the burden of live effectively. Rely on the self balance system of human body, it can achieve the purpose of

    Delaying senility of the body and repairing unbalanced body. Finally it strengthens the body immunity, disease-resistant and initiative of body repair.

    Cost of Colon Hydrotherapy Machines in India Cost of Colon Hydrotherapy Machines in India

    Product features:

    1.Automatic control. The patient is able to operate by himself. Don’t need others accompany. It has patient’s privacy kept properly.

    2. Operate through touch panel and there are 2 screens display. 1 for patient to watch operation and 1 for doctor for operation and print result.

    3. Colon catheter is disposable. Guarantee once use. Open new one and destroy after use face to face.

    4. the hydrotherapy bed is scientific researched and designed, which has excretion outlet. With this bed, patient is able to have relive the bowels freely. The bed is convenient, comfortable, no pain, not leaking, no smell.

    5. Low voltage operation. It has 2 layer water and the temperature and pressure is automatic controlled by computer. This can keep safe operation.

    6. There is medicine feed device, which is suitable give medicine to colon after cleanse colon.



    Colon hydrotherapy has a long history, with evidence of its use dating back to ancient Egypt and Greece. In India, the practice was used in Ayurvedic medicine and was believed to improve digestion and overall health. Today, colon hydrotherapy is considered a complementary therapy and is used by many people around the world.

    How Colon Hydrotherapy Machines Work

    Colon hydrotherapy machines work by flushing the colon with warm water, which is typically infused with herbal or other solutions. The machine uses a series of tubes and nozzles to deliver the water to the colon and remove waste and toxins. The process is typically painless and takes about 45-60 minutes.

    Advantages of Using Colon Hydrotherapy Machines

    1. Removes Toxins: Colon hydrotherapy machines are effective in removing toxins and waste from the colon, helping to improve overall health and wellness.

    2. Improves Digestion: The process of colon hydrotherapy can help improve digestion, reducing issues like constipation and bloating.

    3. Boosts Energy: By removing toxins and waste from the body, colon hydrotherapy can boost energy levels, making you feel more alert and focused.

    Cost of Colon Hydrotherapy Machines in India Cost of Colon Hydrotherapy Machines in India

    Steps in the Colon Hydrotherapy Process

    1. Consultation: Before the procedure, you will have a consultation with a trained professional to discuss your medical history and the benefits of colon hydrotherapy.

    2. Preparation: You will need to prepare for the procedure by abstaining from food for a certain period of time and drinking plenty of water.

    3. The Procedure: During the procedure, warm water is delivered to the colon through a tube. Waste and toxins are removed and flushed away through another tube.

    4. Post-Procedure Care: After the procedure, you may be advised to rest and drink plenty of water. Your healthcare provider may also recommend a follow-up appointment.

    Who Can Benefit from Colon Hydrotherapy Machines

    1. Individuals with Digestive Issues: Colon hydrotherapy machines can help individuals with digestive issues such as constipation, bloating, and irritable bowel syndrome. 2. Athletes: Colon hydrotherapy can help athletes improve their performance by promoting better digestion and reducing inflammation. 3. Individuals with Skin Issues: Colon hydrotherapy can help individuals with skin issues by removing toxins from the body, improving overall skin health.

    Cost of Colon Hydrotherapy Machines in India Cost of Colon Hydrotherapy Machines in India Cost of Colon Hydrotherapy Machines in India

    Applications in Various Industries

    1. Wellness Centers: Colon hydrotherapy machines are commonly used in wellness centers as part of an overall health and wellness program.

    2. Sports Medicine Centers: Colon hydrotherapy machines are used in sports medicine centers to help athletes improve their performance and recover faster.

    3. Beauty Salons: Colon hydrotherapy is gaining popularity in beauty salons as a way to improve overall skin health and remove toxins from the body.

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