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Ultimate Colon Wellness with MAIKONG’s Hydrotherapy Machine: Achat Machine Hydrothérapie Du Colon

» aquanet colon hydrotherapy equipment » Ultimate Colon Wellness with MAIKONG’s Hydrotherapy Machine: Achat Machine Hydrothérapie Du Colon
    • Specifications

    Ultimate Colon Wellness with MAIKONG’s Hydrotherapy Machine: Achat Machine Hydrothérapie Du Colon

    Elevating Health Standards with MAIKONG’s Colon Hydrotherapy Machine

    Are you ready to transform your approach to wellness? MAIKONG’s Hydrotherapy Machine is not just a product; it’s a commitment to superior health.

    Why Choose MAIKONG’s Colon Hydrotherapy Machine?

    This machine is a harmonious blend of technology and comfort, designed to ensure a safe and effective colon cleansing experience.

    Key Features of MAIKONG’s Hydrotherapy Machine

    Innovative Design and Functionality

    Feature Description
    Model Number KSH175
    Function Hydro Colon Therapy Equipment
    Material High-quality ABS
    Color Elegant White
    Continuous Running Time 8 hours of reliability

    Creating a Comfortable Environment

    MAIKONG’s machine is designed to operate optimally between 10℃ to 40℃, with a relative humidity of 30% to 75%, and a barometric pressure of 860hPa to 1060hPa.

    Ease of UseA Priority

    With a focus on user experience, the machine offers an intuitive interface and simplified operation, making it accessible for both professionals and home users.

    Packaging and Delivery Details

    Packaging Specifications

    • Package Size: 183X75X210 cm, ensuring safety during transport.
    • Gross Weight: 185.000 kga testament to its robust build.

    Delivery Timelines

    • Rapid Lead Time: From 5 days, depending on order volume.

    Customization and Samples

    • Customized Service: Offering OEM/ODM services for a tailored experience.
    • Sample Availability: Test the excellence with a sample order at $5,777.00/piece.

    Becoming a Distributor

    Interested in becoming a local distributor for MAIKONG’s Colon Hydrotherapy Machine in your region? We offer competitive distributor pricing and comprehensive support.

    Colon Health: The MAIKONG Hydrotherapy Machine

    MAIKONG’s Hydro Colon Therapy Equipment: An In-Depth Look at the Prix Machine

    Maximizing Wellness with MAIKONG’s Colon Hydrotherapy Machine: A Comprehensive Guide


    1. How does MAIKONG ensure product quality? Through stringent quality controls and utilizing premium materials.
    2. Can I customize the machine for my business? Absolutely! We offer OEM/ODM services for customization.
    3. What support does MAIKONG offer to its distributors? From marketing materials to technical support, we provide comprehensive assistance.
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    We are Colon Hydrotherapy Machine Manufacturer,If You Have Any Questions,Please Contact US.

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