Fabricante ti' u hidroterapia
Yo'olal ti' to'on| Xook k
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Who is the most suitable candidate?

Students should have a strong interest in natural health and be committed to caring for others in this rewarding career.

A certificate in Montcon and postgraduate education in basic anatomy and physiology such as homeopathy, chiropractor, nurse, beauty therapist, massage therapist is required and preferred.

Monkon, the manufacturer of colon hydrotherapy machines and its associated training centre, offers accredited courses for aspiring colon hydrotherapists and many healthcare practitioners worldwide.

Courses offered:

Monkon Equipment Training
Courses usually attended by doctors and assistants. Therapists who are already Monkon certified, therapists for personal home use, or who have undergone a review of previous training. Monkon training is required to purchase a Monkon system!

Training includes:

How to use, operate and maintain Monkon
Contraindications / Hygiene procedures / Diseases and infections
Advertising / Business & Ethics / Commercial & Legal Aspects / Regulations / Marketing
You will receive and deliver colon hydrotherapy courses and practice on real clients!

Meeting the Monkon designer fee includes:

The Monkon certification requirements cannot be completed with Monkon equipment training alone. You can join Monkon as a member only and then complete the additional time required for Monkon training at a later date.

Monkon Professional Certification Course
65 hours of professional training

Monkon Professional Colonic Hydrotherapy Training CourseOnline Learning

Monkon Professional Online Modules

History/theory/practice of colon hydrotherapy – 30 hours
Anatomy and physiology – 60 hours
Microbiology – 25 hours
Bowel HealthFunction and Dysfunction – 14 hours
Nutrition – 16 hours
Drug Interactions – 10 hours
Business ethics/office procedures – 40 hours
Complementary Modalities – 5 hours
(Note that the instructor must inform the office when the student is ready to start the nutrition and business ethics course)

Professional Colon Hydrotherapy Training Courseface-to-face training

Office Procedures – 5 hours
Health and Hygiene – 5 hours
Anatomy and Physiology of the Digestive Tract Practicum – 50 hours
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